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The Solution to the Illegal Alien Problem

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I think I've got it.

Actually, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame gave me the idea. He did a series of comics last month about their fictional company paying Elbonian terrorists not to attack them. Read the series, it's pretty darn funny. Nope, you have to go there. I'm not going to violate his copyright and show you his hard worked for images.

But I think this might be the solution to illegal immigration. Let's pay the Mexicans NOT to come here. It's simply numbers. A study by the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector calculated that the net cost of illegals in the US is about $22,449 per family, or about $2.2 Trillion dollars over the next 10 years. That's $220 Billion dollars per year in tax spending for all levels of government for the cost of having these illegal aliens.

Mexico has a population of 108.7M. If we paid every man, woman, and child in Mexico $100/month it would cost us $130.44 Billion, or less than half of what it now costs us. That may not sound like much, but it's a lot of money in Mexico. The catch is that they have to be at home to receive their check that expires 3 days after issue. And we could throw another $10 Billion or so to support several air wings of Apache Helicopters and A-10 Warthogs to patrol the southern border that fire their main guns at anything with an IR signature in a 5 mile wide corridor. No fences required. Perhaps a few signs that say if you go into this area you will die. There might be a few deaths in the first couple of weeks, but nothing like the mortality they have now just trying to sneak across the border.

We'll also need to enforce the laws we already have to dry up their source of income here, and all levels of government will need to start requiring proof of citizenship for benefits. Any local government that provides any services to non-citizens and doesn't turn over illegal aliens they come across loses all federal funding, so there will be even more cost savings. We should also buy a ton of tickets on Southwest to give to people that want to go back to Mexico.

So there you go. $89 Billion in savings and every illegal alien in the country will be beating a path back to Mexico. And there will be an economic boom in Mexico, so after a decade or so we'll just cut the program and they'll forget why they ever wanted to come here.

Go ahead and use this. If it works out, please paypal 1% of the savings to boondoggi@gmail.com. You're welcome.


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